Haircut! (with pictures and videos)

21 Nov

Last Sunday was a big day for young Nyan Thomas. Most importantly of course was his first real baby steps, which you read about in this post. But Sunday was also the day of his first real haircut! He’d gotten haircuts before: once back in December as a medical procedure, essentially – we shaved his head as a way to make his cradle cap medicine more effective (it worked like a charm, too) – and just a few weeks ago we gave him a quick trim over the bathroom sink because some of his hair was growing over his ears and bothering him.

But Sunday was the real deal, at a real barber shop. (Does SuperCuts count as a real barber shop? Probably not. But you get my point.)

The walking came during the wait for a chair to open up. Here’s more footage from the waiting, as he hangs out with Auntie Zuzu. Notice how he tries to push the boundaries – he really wants to touch those fire extinguishers! – but he listens to his elders…


And then there was the haircutting itself. He was alright with it, all things considered. He kept still, he didn’t wiggle… can’t say that he really enjoyed it, as you can see in these pics, but it’s not like he was freaking out or anything. And the cut he got? Very nice. Subtle, not that noticeable, but it definitely cuts down on the mad scientist look he was having for a while there – plus the hair isn’t hanging over his ears and bugging him.

Afterwards, the young man got a special treat: he got to go for a ride in one of those coin-operated vehicle dealies you see at shopping malls sometimes. He absolutely loved it, as you can see here:

Yeah, all in all, not a bad day at all.

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