BREAKING NEWS: Baby Steps! (with video!)

18 Nov

Yes, it’s true: our boy took his first official baby steps today! And we captured it on video!

Apologies for the multiple exclamation points. But this is kinda a big deal. Here’s what happened:

As you’ve read in this post from Friday, Nyan Thomas stood on his own for the first time the other day. We’ve been working with him on more standing ever since, and earlier today he was actually standing up on his own – that is, going from sitting down to standing up all on his own. He’s still working on the whole balance thing, so he topples over fairly quickly, but still.

This afternoon, Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Ian drove down from Colchester to visit Mommy and Daddy for the day. (Okay, let’s be honest: they came to see Nyan Thomas. But we’re okay with that.) We’d been meaning to get his hair trimmed, so the three of them headed to a Supercuts while Daddy stayed back and did some stuff around the house. (Yes, his first real haircut today, too! More on that – including pictures and video – later on…) While they were waiting for his turn, Zuzu and Ian worked on his walking and… well, let’s just go to the video:


I count three steps before he lost his balance! And then he did it again:


No, he’s not yet ready to hit the treadmill, or to take up the curiously British ‘sport’ of rambling (a.k.a. walking around). But still, a pretty big day. We fully expect that by next weekend he’ll be walking with even more confidence. And within a few weeks… watch out. Are we ready for this? Not really. But then, like with most new developments, we’re never ready – we just roll with the punches and somehow it all ends up okay.


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2 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Baby Steps! (with video!)

  1. Grandma L

    November 18, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    What fun to watch!! I’d say it won’t be long before he’s running around the house and nursery. Guess I’d better decide how I’m going to Nyan-proof the corners….. he’s looking so grown up. Can’t wait to see him. Oh, you and Beatrice too! 🙂


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