Breaking News: Standing

16 Nov

Our boy doesn’t yet walk on his own – not yet – though he’s gotten quite good at walking around with one- or two-handed help. So he’s close. We’re not concerned, really. But still, he’s nearly 16 months; it’s time to walk soon, pal.

Tonight, he took another step (get it?) toward walking: he stood all on his own, for something like 10 seconds! Actually he stood on his own multiple times, usually for a few seconds. But we managed to get him to stand there for close to 10 seconds. He’s getting the balance thing down, and once he combines that with moving his legs, well, watch out. 

(One reason we’re not concerned that he’s not yet walking: the kid has boundless energy and inquisitiveness. We can only imagine all the hijinx he’ll get into when he’s walking on his own…)

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