Today’s Video: Yogurt! Plus, a Story or Two.

14 Nov

We write you today from the charming Swiss city of Zurich, where Daddy is working for a couple of days. There’s a story to tell about that – but first, here’s a video from the other day, in which our hero insists that he can handle his pot of yogurt himself, thank you very much. He’s got the concept down – stick the spoon in the pot, get some yogurt on it, put spoon in mouth, repeat – but the execution is not quite there just yet. But he’s learning, and you gotta love his determination. Check out the video:

That was Monday night. On Tuesday, Daddy flew to Zurich, and Tuesday evening he had a Skype session with Nyan and Mommy. He was quite happy to see Daddy on the screen – and Daddy was pretty pleased to see his family as well – but it kind of turned bad: Nyan kept touching the computer screen, and actually trying to climb onto the laptop; Mommy’s theory is that he wanted to get an actual hug from Daddy. Aww. He then got very frustrated and upset when he couldn’t get those cuddles, and proceeded to cry. (Or maybe he was just tired? That could be the case too. But if not… it’s both sweet and sad.)

One more story, via Mommy: this morning as she was getting ready to take Nyan to school and herself to work, she was looking for her keys but having trouble finding them. As she looked in her handbag, she said to him (in Burmese), “Where are my keys, little son?” As Mommy put it:

He shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands and arms in the way all Burmese do when they don’t know an answer. It’s a non-verbal way of saying ‘I don’t know.’ It was fantastic. He did it a couple of time as I shuffled through my bag and was muttering, ‘Where are the keys?’ Brilliant.

That’s our boy…
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