Nyan Thomas at Play (three videos)

25 Nov

Ever wonder know what goes on in that two-hour or so window between when Nyan gets home from ‘school’ (i.e. nursery, a.k.a. day care)? Of course you do. Well, here you go. A trio of videos showing the young man in all his playtime glory.

First up, check him as he bounces from toy to toy, then demands that Daddy open his toy chest, then goes through that toy chest, looking for the perfect toy:

In this video, more toy chest action. Note that if he doesn’t want a toy, he definitely doesn’t want a toy.

And here’s still more playtime: riding his little ladybug scooter, chatting, still seeking that elusive perfect toy. And don’t miss the bit near the end when he finds his telephone… priceless:

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