Fun Photos from the Month of August

30 Sep

Here’s a selection of fun photos and random moments from the month of August 2018.

Sometimes Nyan goes with Jayden to his skateboarding class on Sunday mornings. Jayden’s pretty good; Nyan, not so much.

So he hangs out with Jonnie instead.


Here’s a goofy boy doing a goofy song and dance:

Goofy boy singing:

Goofy boy running goofily down a small hill:

Goofy boy being goofy in an elevator:

More pictures:

Showing off his latest Lego robotics creation:

Having a casual playdate at our place with Jayden and Jonnie:


One evening, Nyan and Jayden decided to play Jurassic World. I guess Jayden was the dino-trainer and Nyan was some sort of velociraptor?

Nyan had a couple of days off in August, before school started, so he went with Mommy to the office one day. Check out the sharp-dressed boy:

And finally, one last set of random photos.


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