Some Late-Year School Work

06 Jun

Toward the end of the school year in June, Mommy and Daddy attended numerous events at Nyan’s school, and got to see many examples of his drawings and writings pinned to various walls. Let’s take a quick look.

First up: all the kids did a drawing/painting of their most favorite moment of the school year. Here’s Nyan’s – and yes, of course it involves Jayden. (We especially love the detail of the clouds in the sky!)

The kids learned about measurements, and Nyan did a very detailed piece illustrating all the different things that can be measured. (Such as the temperature, which can tell you if it’s going to snow tomorrow in Iowa!)


Here’s a zoomed-in look at both parts of that paper. Click to enlarge and read:

And there was a unit on reduce/reuse/recycle — very ably illustrated here by Nyan. (Click to enlarge.)

Almost last but not least, here’s a nice mellow painting of some flowers, we think:


And last but not least, a goofy boy at the end of the school day, making himself dizzy.

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