Yellow Belt!

02 Jun

Back in April, Nyan went for his latest taekwondo grading exercise — proving to a panel of judges that he has the skill to move up to the next level, and get a new color of belt. 

Some photos from before and after the grading (parents aren’t allowed in to see the actual grading itself):

And some video as he and others warmed up and practiced, waiting to go in and get graded: 

So did he pass? Reader, he passed. Check him out as his instructor, Master Lee, awards the new yellow belt:

He was rightfully very proud of himself:

Bonus: Our boy is rising through the taekwondo ranks, but he still manages to have fun in class. Here he is one day, playing some sort of dodge ball with his classmates and Master Lee.

Next up: green-tip belt. Grading is in August. Fingers crossed!

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