The Best Day of the Year (a.k.a. Christmas Day)

19 Jan

No, Nyan didn’t actually call it that. But he’s a six year old boy; who could blame him if he did?

We got to spend Christmas this year at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Iowa – a rare treat for everyone. The day began as it should: with the tearing-open of presents left by Santa.

Nyan was especially excited that ol’ Kris Kringle brought him a big Lego kit he’d been dreaming of. Here he is after the mayhem, pointing out that Santa ate the cookies he’d left out for him:

We went over the river and through the woods to Great Grandma’s for Christmas lunch; here’s Nyan on the drive:

Then back to Grandma and Grandpa’s for more presents and more food. Here’s a happy young man, practicing his dance moves before the rest of the family arrived:

He also found a little time to record holiday greetings to his cousins in England:

And he hung out with various Iowa cousins too:

Then there were more presents to open:

Nyan was certainly in the spirit of the holiday. Last but not least, here he is “leading” Grandma in a dance to the tune of a holiday classic.


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