Nyan Thomas, Master Swimmer

02 Aug

We signed Nyan up for some swimming lessons with a local swim school here in Iowa, to keep up the momentum he’s built over the past few months in our pool in Singapore. So over the last six weeks, he went to something like 16 classes, 20 minutes each (short but really just about right for a short-attention-span toddler), at the indoor pool of a local motel. He had a variety of college age teachers, and they were all good, but his favorite was the one he got the most often, a young man named Max.

Over the course of the lessons, Nyan worked on his back stroke, forward crawl with a floating board, forward crawl without a floating board, putting his head under water (which he’s now comfortable doing, a HUGE step forward), and generally just getting more and more comfortable in the water. We couldn’t be happier with the progress he made. Here are a couple pictures of Nyan psyching himelf up for another training session:

Are there videos? There most certainly are.

Here he is in late June, early on in his lessons.

Working on the forward crawl (okay yes he could still use some practice):

Here he’s practicing his jumping into the water, and also a bit with putting his head under water:

Kicking on his back, all by himself:

More forward crawl. Getting better, we think:

The final lesson. Ignore the other kids screaming in the background and focus on how far we’ve come:

Okay, there’s plenty left to learn. He’s not quite ready to try out for the national Olympics team (whether that’s the US, UK, Singapore, or Burma) but he’s so much more comfortable in the water than he was even four months ago. And he’s got a very firm foundation to keep learning once we return to Singapore.


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