At the Park

02 Aug

Down the road from Grandma and Grandpa’s house is a nice little neighborhood park called Willow Creek Park. Daddy spent a lot of time here growing up, and Nyan has as well. It’s maybe a 10 minute stroll from home, and it’s got lots of playground equipment, huge fields, forests, and of course a creek. Daddy took Nyan there one sunny afternoon back in June, and they worked on Nyan’s soccer (football) skills, which remain as comical and as work-in-progress as ever. But he has fun, and that’s what counts.

Maybe the best illustration of his skills comes from this pair of paired shots, showing our hero racing up to the ball and then… missing it altogether, bless him:

We also played with a balsa-wood airplane, and just vamped for the camera.

And we hit up the playground equipment too, including the swing:

Fun times, indeed.

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