The Museum of Childhood

11 Mar

Our family outing a couple Sundays back was to the Museum of Childhood. It’s in an old Victorian building not too far from where we live – just a couple stops on the tube – which made for a quick and easy journey. It’s basically devoted to toys, but it’s interesting because most of them are behind glass. So we went with low expectations, fearing lots of kids crying because they couldn’t play with the toys.

Not to worry though, as it turned out. Nyan was pretty fascinated with the displays:

And there were actually enough things for kids to do. Like ride a rocking horse:

And playing with a full-sized robot from Lost in Space:

We had a nice lunch in the museum’s cafe. This restored Nyan’s energy, which led to him… shoveling snow? What? Okay, if that makes you happy, buddy, shovel some snow:

And then… lunch break was over and Nyan was off like a rocket, racing up the ramp to find more toys:

It’s not the kind of place we’d feel much need to return to, I guess, but it was worth going to at least once, for sure. It was nice to be surprised on the upside.

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