Nyan Thomas Turns Two!

16 Oct

Okay and yes, we are almost three months late with this one. Hey, things fall through the cracks. Better late than never. Etc.

Nevertheless: our young man had a wonderful second birthday back in July. His Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Iowa; his Phwa-Phwa and auntie and uncle and cousins and lots of other relatives and friends all came together for a big birthday bash in the back garden. Let’s take a look back at it all.

There were plenty of pressies and cards:

(Click any photo to make it big)

One of his favorite gifts was a big ride-on tractor, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa:

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He also loved this fire truck. (And plays with it every single day, to this day):

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The fire truck was gift from Uncle Scott and Aunt Maggie. Here he is saying thanks (and also singing “Happy birthday Nyan. Happy birthday Nyan. Happy birthday truck.”

And of course we can’t forget the party itself. We had just moved into a new house when his birthday rolled around, and still held the lease on our old place, which had a big backyard, so we had it there. Mommy whipped up a couple of things to eat, and also got Nyan a great cake:

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Here’s a bunch of photos from the party itself. (Again, click any photo to enlarge and start a slideshow)

Finally we have Nyan (sort of) saying Thank You Great Grandma, who sent over some of his favorite biscuits from the states.

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