Road Trip: Brighton

06 Oct

We’re trying out a new modus operandi here at Nyan Thomas World Headquarters: every Sunday, we try to do a special event, usually an out-of-town trip to see a bit of the countryside, spend some family time together, try to keep the little guy from getting bored. We’ve only recently formalized this process, and here we share our first outing: a road trip, a couple weeks back, to the seaside town of Brighton.


Brighton is about an hour-plus south of London, on the southern shore of the island. It’s a charming little place, with lots of interesting activities and architecture. It’s also a seaside resort, so there’s also a grubby element of carnival rides, cheap seaside restaurants, and lots of touristas wandering about. In that sense, it reminds your blogger of New York’s Coney Island, and not in a good way. The ‘sand’ on the beach is large pebbles, almost small rocks, and the water is a murky green. And the day we were there was densely overcast, with horrible light that made photography quite tricky.

But don’t get us wrong: we really enjoyed it. There were, as mentioned, lots of interesting things going on, it was a gorgeous drive down there, the people were friendly, the town had a nice vibe to it… and there was a giant Ferris wheel right on the shore. Here’s our hero up above it all:

And some photos as well:

(Click any photo to enlarge)

We had a delicious lunch in a friendly pub on a side street that we randomly chose, and just wandered around a bit.

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At the end of the day, we drove east along the dramatic cliffs along the shoreline and then up through some ancient forests and the posh town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. Before that, though, we checked out the town’s Japanese festival in a park – featuring flowers, food, and a mesmerizing display of drumming – as well as the Royal Pavilion, a charmingly odd building that was constructed by a British prince in the 19th Century. He wanted a seaside retreat, a mini-palace (and lovenest, the stories go) with Asian and Indian influences. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to go inside — someone hadn’t had a nap all day, and it was 3pm, and he was showing signs of extreme exhaustion. He always wants to see more and do more, so when he gets exhausted, he just keeps pushing himself, which inevitably leads to a massive meltdown. These are exceptionally rare, both because he’s a pretty good natured little fella, and also because we know the signs and know how to head off those meltdowns. So we skipped the inside tour, strapped him into the car, and hit the road. He was asleep within five minutes. We missed the Pavilion, but we had a great time nonetheless.

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