Today’s Photos: The Boy Loves Books

07 Mar

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our young man is very much a bibliophile. It’s to the point now where, in that hour or so of playtime after we get home from school and before dinner, all he wants to do is go through his books, completely ignoring the piles of toys in the family room. Then, before his bath, he’ll grab a book and plop down in the hallway, in various states of undress, and start reading until we pick him up and carry him – very much against his will – into the tub.

Yesterday morning was a great case in point, as he was late to school (and Mommy was late to work) because… he just wanted to read. As Mommy put it:

He had a tantrum because I told him we had to go to school and that he needed to stop reading and come over to the pram. He refused. So we compromised and I let him take his book with him on the walk to school.

Please note that we use the term ‘tantrum’ rather loosely, and we recognize that what we see now as ‘tantrums’ (i.e. he cries a bit until he gets his way) will probably seem like, well, child’s play once he really gets into the tantrums. Or so we’ve been warned. And of course, we couldn’t be happier that all he wants to do is read. It just means we need to keep buying him new books!

Here, then, are some photos of the boy who would rather read than get in his stroller and head to school.

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One response to “Today’s Photos: The Boy Loves Books

  1. Grandma L

    March 7, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Nyan didn’t get his dancing genes from his daddy but he sure got his love of books from him! Good for him.


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