Rubber Ducky Dancing, and More (Videos)

04 Mar

It’s no secret that our boy loves music. He also, it turns out, loves to shake his little booty and show off all sorts of dance moves. We’re not entirely sure where he gets his moves from – it sure as heck isn’t his daddy – but there’s no denying that his hips don’t lie. Check out the young man, groovin’ his thang to the fluid sounds of Rubber Ducky:

That wasn’t the only dancing he got up to this past weekend. He also cut a rug in Colchester, as you can see here (the real moves start around 30 seconds in; before that, he’s just running around, screaming ‘Go!!!’ and generally being himself):

More from that dance session (though he’s more interested in eating a potato chip than dancing):

And finally, here he is back at home, post dancing. No dancing here, just Nyan playing with his legos:

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One response to “Rubber Ducky Dancing, and More (Videos)

  1. Grandma L

    March 6, 2013 at 5:12 am

    OMG! I laugh and cry each time I watch the Rubbie Duckie dance. That little butt and the hand movements are so darn cute. Wonder if they are teaching him the duck moves at school? I’ll be watching this many times. I sure miss giving him a hug…..


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