Today’s Photos: The Two Amigos

07 Jan

Nyan has gotten to spend a fair amount of time lately with his buddy Adam. Adam is the son of Josie and Fred, born in October 2011, so about three months younger than Nyan. Adam is a much better walker than Nyan, but Nyan is much more of a talker. And as the older boy, he’s taken to showing Adam the ropes (even as Adam’s motoring around on two legs prompts Nyan to walk much more).


We all got together on New Year’s Eve at Sharon and Chris’s country estate. On New Year’s Day morning, Nyan and Adam were wandering around the house, and we looked up at one point to see the two across the room, standing by a door leading outside. Nyan was reaching up for the door knob, and we swear that our little man was showing Adam how doors work – “See, we just turn this thing and the door will open! Then we can go outside!”

That wasn’t the end of their hijinx. On Sunday, Josie and some others came over for Sunday dinner. Later in the afternoon, Nyan and Adam were playing in the living room as Mommy and Josie chatted. They were laughing, walking, playing with Nyan’s toys, bouncing around inside the Hot Rod Racer tent that we sometimes set up in the living room… and of course, playing with any telephone they could get their hands on, including our landline phone.

At one point, they both suddenly got a sheepish look on their faces and scurried away. A minute later, the phone rang. Mommy picked it up. It was Emergency Services! It seems that *someone* had dialed 999 (that, for our American readers, is the UK equivalent of 911). A mortified Mommy got a lecture from the 999 dispatcher. “Ma’am, this is an emergency line. You need to make sure your son doesn’t dial it.” Mommy apologized profusely. Oops. What can you do?

Later on, both young men got tired, and wanted to hear a bedtime story. Mommy was happy to oblige.


And before they left for the night, we asked Nyan if he wanted to give Adam a hug goodbye. “Give love,” we told him – that’s our way of telling him to give a hug and/or kiss. Nyan walked up to Adam and gave him a gentle hug by leaning his head on his chest. Aww! (Sorry for the lousy photo.)


I think it’s fair to say the two lads had a lovely time together, and judging by the way Nyan kept saying Adam’s name this evening as Daddy got him ready for bed (okay, he can’t quite say Adam; it’s more like “Ammma,” but he’s definitely trying to say Adam), I think they’ll have even more fun the next time they get together.

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