Today’s Videos: Phone!

06 Dec

Nyan Thomas is nothing if not a digital native, and as we’ve seen, he loves telephones. He used to just love to stick them in his mouth (of course, what does he *not* love to stick in his mouth?) but of late, he’s really taken a fancy to pressing the buttons and talking on the phone (or at least making believe he’s talking on the phone.) Here are two great recent examples.

From last weekend with Phwa Phwa in Colchester, here we have our hero playing with a real phone and a real phone call – we dialed the landline from a mobile phone and, well, you can see the results…

And here we are a couple nights ago, on the sofa at home. He’s got someone’s Blackberry and he’s deep in conversation with someone. He also is apparently sending some text messages, or at least trying…

We’re not sure what he’s saying, but it seems pretty important.

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