Happy Birthday, Nyan Thomas!

26 Jul

Today is the day: one year ago this very day, our little boy was born. It’s been a wild ride, as you’ve seen in thes pages; if you haven’t been on this site in a while, make sure you poke around and check out the posts from the last 12 days – we put up one post each day taking a look back at a specific month over the last year. It was a fun trip down memory lane to put it all together, and it was a great reminder of just how much fun and joy the little guy has brought us.

(If you care to read up on those very first days, check out these posts from a year ago: read about Day One, here; Day Two, here; Day Three, here; and Day Four, here.)

We’re not planning any major activities today; it’s a weekday, so Mommy has to work and won’t get home until 7pm or so. Nyan’s bedtime is around 8, so that doesn’t leave much time for fun, even if we push it back a bit. We do have some baby cake and some pressies for the little man, so we’ll certainly mark the occasion, just nothing too over the top. We’ll probably do something a little more formal within the next couple of weeks.

That will help ensure that Grandma L. can attend, as she’s coming to visit for two weeks in early August! Grandpa L. can’t make it this time, unfortunately. Grandma was disappointed that she couldn’t be here for Nyan’s actual birthday, but I pointed out that he won’t know the difference, and in any event, it makes more sense for her to come after we get moved in to our new home, since she’ll then have a place to stay. That’s perhaps not the most sentimental approach to our boy’s first birthday, but it’s practical at least.

While we were in Iowa in June, Grandma made sure that Nyan got to open a few early early birthday presents. We got Mommy on Skype and had him tear open some boxes filled with toys and clothes; his favorite, by far, was the colorful plastic dumptruck that he could climb aboard and push around the place. See below for some pictures and a video from the opening ceremony (as it were).


Here’s the sentimental part: we’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of our boy’s life so far. He seems very loved and secure, and that’s due in no small part to all the love and support we’ve received from friends and family around the world. Thanks, too, for reading this here blog! We’ll do our best, for the next year and beyond, to continue to raise him right – with curiosity, with purpose, with compassion, with an understanding and appreciation that he comes from two very strong families.

Happy birthday, Nyan Thomas!

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One response to “Happy Birthday, Nyan Thomas!

  1. Barb Wicks

    July 26, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Many birthday wishes from the heartland. It certainly has been a fast 1st year from this end of the picture! We look forward to watching you grow and become a wonderful young man. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you but please know that we are thinking of you. Be well and give Mom and Dad a hug for us! xoxo


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