Dancing King

16 Jul

Turns out that our boy loves to dance! Or, dance as much as an 11.5-month-old can. It mostly means that, whenever some pop song with a decent beat comes on the television, he’ll start shaking his little body to the beat. Cute! He’ll also shimmy and shake if you just clap your hands, or if you bang on a table or other object in some rhythmic fashion.

(Phwa Phwa reports that the other day, he was sitting there and started babbling/singing to himself, and then dancing to the sounds he was making! No video of this, unfortunately.)

But we have plenty of video of the young man groovin’ to pop songs. (Next up: getting him into music that’s more to Daddy’s liking.) For now, we proudly present Nyan Thomas showing off a trio of his best moves.

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