Lots of Random Year-End Fun

30 Jan

As you’ve seen, we got up to a lot of fun in December 2021. But there were plenty more little moments worthy of a quick photo or video. Let’s take a quick look at some of them. First, some photos (yes, some of the pics in this post are too small – sorry. Just zoom in!)

A video from one of his weekly swimming lessons:

More photos:

Another video. The story here: Nyan had seen a glass wine decanter on a visit to a shop some weeks back and decided he wanted one. Just ‘cause. We said no. Then, over dinner at Kyle’s house, he saw the adults using a wine decanter which reminded him that he wanted one, and he loudly said so. It turned out that Bryan and Sara had an extra one they never used. Long story short, that evening Nyan became the very proud owner of his own wine decanter.

He used it to decant apple juice.

And finally, one last set of pics to play the year out.

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