A Grand Time with a Grand Piano

10 Jan

On the Christmas Eve excursion you saw in the previous post, we wandered around the super-fancy shopping mall for a little while. One of the shops there is a Steinway piano “gallery,” filled with some really, really expensive grand pianos. We’re talking literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of them. (One of them tried to justify that price by having a small diamond embedded into the body. I mean… what’s the point??)

Clearly we are nowhere near that level of nouveau riche to be buying anything even in the same universe as those pianos. But they were there for the playing, the salesman was friendly and welcoming, and Nyan loves to play the piano, so we spent a good amount of time in there.  

Not bad, eh? Check out the awesome lighting in this next video; that’s all the doing of the store – sorry, the gallery – not your humble photographer/blogger

Not that we would mind having our own grand piano, or even a real piano, if we had the space and the cash. We don’t have either, of course, so this will have to do for now. Not a bad way to spend a little time on a holiday though!

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