Birthday Madness #10

15 Aug

Our hero turned 10 years old in July! Singapore was back on Covid restrictions so we were limited in what we could do, but we still managed to make it a nice day for the boy.

His bestie, Jayden, certainly helped, as he came over for a mythical, rarely-seen “double sleepover” — two nights in a row of sleepover! They spent a lot of time in the pool:

They played a lot of computer games.

Nyan wanted Shake Shack burgers for his birthday dinner, and since restaurants could only do takeaway, we got takeaway:

More time in the pool: 

More games in the mornings:

And Nadia came over on his birthday night for birthday cupcakes and general silliness:

Remember the recent post where Nyan played on the Oculus virtual reality headset with Kyle? We all enjoyed it so much that we got one for Nyan for his birthday. He, Jayden and Nadia all had a blast with it. Check out all these videos:

Silly and fun – just how a birthday should be! 

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