September Moments, Part One

08 Oct

September was full of little moments and events. Let’s take a look at some of them.

One Sunday morning, we found ourselves on Orchard Road, the high-end shopping district in Singapore. Apple recently opened a new store there, and it was supposed to be pretty cool. So we checked it out. Sure enough: nice place.

Nyan’s school hosted “Science Week” in September, which our budding scientist was of course very into. One day, the kids were invited to dress up as their favorite scientist or scientific concept. Some kids chose Einstein, or a generic mad scientist. Nyan, though, decided to dress up as a bolt of electricity. Nice look!

Remember how our neighborhood Italian bistro allowed Nyan to go behind the pizza counter to do some cooking? Apparently that’s now a thing: we went back and he got another invite. He’s getting pretty good…

We also paid a quick visit to the Maritime Museum, the free museum along the waterfront that’s sponsored by the local shipping industry. It’s all about cargo shipping, mostly, and features tons of models of ships, oil rigs and the like, plus a gigantic computerized ship simulator where you can pretend to captain a cargo ship around the Straits of Singapore. Pretty cool.

There’s also a little exhibit where kids can pretend to be stacking shipping containers onto a ship. Pretty basic, but it’s a little entertaining:

And there is a big room that they use for temporary exhibits and the like. The day we were there, there were no temporary exhibits, so the room was empty. Good place for an energetic boy to run around and burn some energy:

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