Fun with Jayden and Jonnie

04 Aug

Long-time readers know Nyan’s bff Jayden and his younger brother Jonnie. They’re great kids, and Nyan and Jayden have been thick as thieves since the day they met down by the swimming pool back in late 2015.

Earlier this year, we learned the sad news that the family would be moving to the other side of the island. We had several months’ notice, which I guess made it a little easier. To be sure, we relished every moment. Here are some recent moments, like Nyan hanging out at Jayden’s house, often with Jonnie in tow.

Here’s Jayden wrapping a birthday present for Nyan:


One afternoon at our place, the boys were playing Jurassic World (we think) and Daddy took a surreptitious video.

We had lots of sleepovers all summer long, at both Jayden’s place and our place. (Sleepovers generally involve a lot of goofing around, some video-watching, some playing-in-the-tub, and lots of reading by both boys.)

You’ll be seeing more of Jayden and Jonnie in these blog pages, fear not.

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