Fun with Friends

20 Feb

Here are a few random moments shared between Nyan and various friends in January.

His friend and former MMI classmate Abi had a birthday party — at which we took hardly any photos, for some reason — so we got to see some of the old crew. Including Adriana; she and Ryan splashed in the pool together quite a bit.


Another day, we went to the cinema to see the latest Star Wars movie, the Last Jedi:

On the walk home, we happened to bump into Kyra and Chrysa and their folks on the street. Always nice to see them.

And of course, no review of Nyan’s friends would be complete without mention of Jayden, his classmate and friend who lives in the apartment block across the pool from us. They are quite similar and have such a great time together; it’s quite lovely to see.

(Nyan also gets along well with Jonnie, Jayden’s four-year-old brother. Nyan acts almost like an older brother to him at times.)

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