New School: Chatsworth East

24 Sep

Nyan is now a student at Chatsworth International School (East Campus), which is conveniently located pretty much across the street from our apartment. It’s where his best pal Jayden goes, and they’re even in the same class! (They’re in Year 2 by the school’s count; that corresponds to 1st Grade in the U.S. and Year 1 (I think that’s the term) in the U.K.) He’s made a ton of friends already and generally taken to the school like a fish to water, or a monkey to the jungle.

Rewind a bit though, to a couple weeks before school started, when Nyan stopped by Chatsworth for orientation on his way to school at MMI. He checked out his classroom, found the peg where he’ll hang his backpack, and goofed around a bit in the music room:

On his first day, we of course took a lot of photos.

That’s his main uniform. A couple days a week he has physical education, so he gets to wear his PE uniform:

Class starts at 9 a.m.; if we get there earlier, Nyan has time to run around the playground with his friends.

Most days after school he walks home with Jayden. And sometimes with Nadia, another classmate who, like Jayden, lives in the same apartment complex as us.

Sometimes he hangs out at Jayden’s for a bit. There’s some sort of recording function on Jayden’s TV, which led to this classic video. Watch the boys playing for a bit, and then realize they’re being recorded (apparently by seeing their image on the TV screen) and responding appropriately.

Finally, some items on display at his school: classroom photos, and some art – a very stylized self portrait, and a drawing they did in class about being happy.

Expect many more pictures and videos from Chatsworth in the weeks and months ahead!

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