Sunday Fun Day(s)

26 Aug

In the average week, Nyan is busy at school for the five weekdays, then busy with various classes on Saturday. We try to keep Sunday loose and unscheduled, so that we can sleep in and be lazy, and maybe go to a museum or a hike or a swim. Family day.

But sometimes, there’s something more structured to do. We had a couple such Sundays in July. One of them involved Adriana coming over for another playdate:

Another day, Daddy was running an early morning 5k, and Nyan and Mommy came down to cheer him on. (Well, to be precise, a certain almost-six-year-old was feeling groggy and tired and grumpy and dragging his feet, so he didn’t get down to the race site until after the race was over. But Daddy still appreciated the gesture!

Some pics from the race (actually lining up waiting for it to start):

And here’s Nyan, proudly showing off the medal that “he” won after “he” finished the run.

Afterwards, we walked around downtown a bit, finding some food and just relaxing. Nyan was captivated by this giant metal waterwheel that an office building has as a piece of public art:

And on the way home, he showed off a combination of taekwondo and modern dance:

That was…something!

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