Swim, Swim, Swim

03 Jun

Nyan continues to take weekly, hour-long swimming lessons in our condo pool, and he continues to get better and better. He’s at the point now where he can do several different strokes and shows zero fear in the “big pool” – i.e., the pool where he can’t touch the bottom while keeping his head above water. (Not to worry – we still stay right by him when he’s in the big pool.) Let’s take a look at some recent videos and pictures.

This gives a good overview. It’s in the big pool (with little sound, because Daddy shot the video from far away so as not to disturb the lesson):


And the backstroke, of sorts, plus some other strokes:

Look at this. No fear:

He’s also learning to dive, sort of.

Some fun times: Nyan likes it when his teacher, Pang, tosses him high in the air:

And finally, just a few still pictures from various lessons and back-floatings.








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