Nyan Thomas Does Halloween

26 Nov

When we asked Nyan what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, he was unequivocal: he wanted to be a knight. Okay then. We looked around a bit for a decent knight costume to purchase, but found next to nothing — certainly nothing good. Not to worry: Mommy’s pretty skilled and creative at sewing and other craft-y type stuff, so she dove right in to a labor of love: making our boy a knight costume from scratch. And what a job she did. We used a sword and shield we’d gotten at Legoland, and a helmet and dagger from a castle in England, but the rest was all homemade. Check it out:

Is that awesome or is that awesome?

Here he is, strutting his stuff around the pool:

That was at a Halloween party that the apartment complex threw for all the kids. More scenes from that, including a mummy-making contest.

Then it was time for trick or treating! It was Nyan’s first time to actually go trick or treating; we went to every one of the five towers in our apartment complex, hitting up those apartments that were taking part. Maybe 30 or 40 in all. Nyan hooked up with Jayden and his brother Johnnie to do it:

By the end of the night, the costumes were getting a little intermixed:

And then we found a toy knife that Nyan just had to try out. Okay, Daddy too.

Silly. But fun.

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