Nyan Walks, Pinkly

19 Nov


One of our first activities after returning from our ‘round-the-world travels during August and September was to take part in a 5k family walk for breast cancer awareness and fundraising. It took place around Marina Bay, the waterfront area in downtown Singapore.

We had tried to do the same event last year, but horrible air pollution — haze from rainforest fires in nearby Indonesia — forced its cancelation. This time, the air was fresh and there was no need to wear air masks. But Nyan had brought his own mask, and happened to bump into this friendly Imperial Stormtrooper.

(What do Stormtroopers have to do with breast cancer awareness? Great question. We have no idea. Nyan was happy though.)

A five kilometer walk is a decently long stroll, and Nyan got tired about halfway through. Luckily for him, Daddy’s shoulders were right there. He didn’t look too tired as soon as he got up there, though. Hmm.

So Daddy ended up with a little bit of a sore back – the kid ain’t so light any more! – but all’s well that ends well. And it was for a good cause, too.

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