Good Times in England, Part One

25 Sep

As we’ve been showing recently, Nyan took Mommy and Daddy to England in August for a few weeks of fun with friends and family. There were castles, late night dance marathons, museum visits…. but Nyan’s days (and nights) were also filled with smaller moments that were no less fun and silly and perhaps even photogenic. Here, we capture some of them.

Like this precious moment. Some random dance, followed by some drawing, followed by…well, just watch.

Or that time he decided he wanted to be locked in the car’s boot  (or trunk, as they call it in America). Does this count as bad parenting? Nah.

A few random photos from these random days:

One morning Nyan decided he was a bee:

That was about the same time he did a display of what he calls “sky soaring”:

More pictures:

And finally, we saved the best for last. Nyan telling a story about aliens, a plane that’s bigger than the universe, and a rather unique take on economics:


We’ve got much more from the UK trip still to share. Stay tuned…



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