Nyan and Bunky. And Adam too.

17 Sep

One of the highlights of our trip to England in August was getting to catch up with family and friends. For Nyan, that meant getting to hang with Elizabeth – a.k.a. Bunky – and Adam.

Elizabeth was quite small when we moved away from England, but she and Nyan took to each other on this trip like they’d been BFF forever. Possibly because their two Mommies have been BFF forever. In any case, Bunky live in a centuries-old house on a big plot of land in rural Essex County, with lots of room to run around outside and play. So they did.

Bunky’s Daddy Chris tried to teach Nyan how to kick a ball. Er, still got a ways to go, I’m afraid:

Some lovely mommies posing with their lovely babies:

On another day at Bunky’s place, Adam and Daniel came by. More fun and hilarity ensued.

And on yet another day, Daddy and Nyan met Bunky, Sharon and Sharon’s mom at a nature reserve outside of Colchester for pond dipping — where you pull water out of a pond and check to see what creepy crawlies live in the water — and running around outside.

As you can see, we had pretty good weather nearly every day of our visit. Good weather, good friends, good times!


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