Birthday Party, Part Two

15 Feb

You may recall that Nyan turned four back in July, when we were in the USA. We had a big party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which was a blast. But we also wanted to celebrate with his Singapore friends. So in late September, after we returned home, we rented out the event space at our apartment complex and threw him another party, complete with food, games, pressies and cake. And lots of kiddies.

Here’s Mommy leading the kids in a rousing game of Pass the Parcel.

And the cake. Nyan wanted a fire engine cake, so that’s what he got.

There was fun at the playground too:

Near the end of the long, fun day, some of the kids hopped into the pool – including the guest of honor and bestie Kyle (complete with Thor hammer):


It was a really fun day, but pretty tiring for Mommy and Daddy. After having thrown two parties for his birthday in the same year, we decided that for his 5th birthday, we’ll do something a little more low-key — or better yet, hire out an event space and have them do all the work…

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