A Modern Day Ansel Adams

17 Nov

Our boy has always had a bit of a creative streak (check out his drawings of trucks or sharks, or the expert way he colors in his coloring books). He loves to bang on his keyboard or strum Daddy’s guitar. He’s even picked up a camera from time to time.

On our trip to California this summer, he got ahold of Mommy’s digital point-and-shoot camera and, one jet lagged morning as we strolled around, he turned the quiet suburban office park into his palette.

In other words, he took a lot of photographs — at the office park and elsewhere. He’s some of his portfolio.

We think he did an excellent job of capturing the mood, the feeling, of the suburban office park – the ennui, the emptiness. See what you think:

He also did a decent job capturing shots of Mommy and Daddy, whether candid and casual or clearly coached by the photographer.

Nyan likes to look down when he shoots.

He also had a brief period in which he focused on fire hydrants.

The true artist is never bored. Strapped into a car seat while Daddy takes a leisurely stroll along the Pacific Coast Highway? Don’t get bored — get arty!

The artiste himself at work, taken by Daddy:

Regrettably, his photography days ended abruptly when he dropped Mommy’s camera on the ground. The lens no longer retracts, and the shutter no longer opens. Tough to take a photo without a working shutter. We’ll have to find him a relatively inexpensive point-and-shoot. In any case, we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Nyan Thomas, Photographer.

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