Summertime and Time Capsules

02 Nov

We hear it’s well into autumn back in the US and UK. Well, it’s been lovely and hot and humid (but no haze!) here in Singapore, which I guess has put us in a summer-y sort of mood. So we’re looking back at some lazy days over the summer, when Nyan got to hang out in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard, building a fire in the evening and lounging on the hammock in the afternoons. And always, always, his little mind whirring, his imagination in full gear.

At the end of that video, there’s reference to a time capsule. You see, Grandma and Grandpa had him fill a little metal box with some coins, a toy car and a note, and then they buried it near the apple tree they planted earlier. In a few years, we’ll dig it up.

Here’s video of the actual burying:

Finally, a panoramic view of the backyard itself. Lovely place to spend some summer time.


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