Nyan Thomas, Gardener Extraordinaire

05 Aug

Grandma and Grandpa have a nice house with a big yard full of trees, flowers, plants and grass. All that natural beauty take a lot of work to maintain, and Nyan was happy to lend a hand.

Here’s our hero digging, watering the plants and sidewalk, hanging out by Grandma’s fish pond.

He enjoyed digging a hole for the squirrels:

Digging for something:

Feeding bread to the fish in the pond. Narration by Daddy; this video was made at a time when Nyan was insisting that we call him Eagle.

Digging for something else:

The highlight of the outdoor work — perhaps the outlook of this entire trip — came because Grandma and Grandpa were getting a new concrete patio poured in the back yard. Concrete comes in concrete trucks, of course, and what four year old boy doesn’t love a concrete truck?Nyan couldn’t tear himself away from the whole process. He would run through the house, to the back door to watch the guys spreading the cement, then race through the house to the front door, to watch the concrete coming out of the truck and into the wheelbarrows, and then to the back again. Over and over and over. We also tried to get his handprint in the wet cement at the end of it.

Even better, maybe, was that the crew brought a Bobcat to help clean up some of the dirt and gravel. And they said Nyan could climb in!

Before they took the gravel away, it was in a large pile at the end of the driveway. Nyan quickly appropriated it for himself and his dump truck.

After all that yard work and dusty concrete pouring, it’s important to wash the cars. Nyan, once again, was happy to help.


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