Fun Times with Kyle

12 Jun

Kyle is Nyan’s BFF — a former classmate who now attends a different school, they’re still thick as thieves, and we get the boys together as often as we can. Sometimes they do something major like go to the bird park (as you’ve seen in other posts). Sometimes it’s as simple as hanging out at Nyan’s pad, playing with toys, swimming, riding scooters.

Once in a while, Kyle’s Mommy picks up Kyle’s cousin Ava from Nyan’s school (she’s at Nyan’s school, a year ahead). On those lucky days, Nyan gets a ride home in the back seat of Kyle’s car.

And sometimes, the play date ends up at the Singapore Swimming Club – not for swimming so much as for a nice meal, where the two friends laugh and tickle each other throughout the meal.

Maybe the best part about a trip to the swim club comes at the very end — when Nyan and Kyle get some bread and head to the koi pond for a feeding session.

Fun times!

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