The Singapore Auto Show

23 Jan

Mommy and Daddy aren’t particularly into cars, and thus an auto show doesn’t hold a ton of interest for us. But you know who is particularly into cars? If you guessed we’re talking about Nyan Thomas, you win!

Last weekend was the Singapore Auto Show. It was held a convention center an easy 10-minute bus ride away, and tickets were cheap, so we figured we’d give the boy a fun afternoon. Mission Accomplished!

It was, I suppose, a typical car show (I have to suppose on that point, as this was our first such show). Lots of new cars and trucks on display, most of them available for people to climb in and pretend to be driving. A few tall models standing by some of the cars, and plenty of salespeople ready to pounce if you show any interest in a particular car.

(Any interest? No. Why? Cars here are expensive! One car on show was a Ford Fiesta. A very basic car. In the US, they retail for $15,000, give or take. In the UK, you can find one on the lot for about £10,000 (which happens to be about US$15,000). This Ford Fiesta in Singapore? S$105,000. That’s the equivalent of about £52,000, and also the equivalent of about US$84,000. So, no – no interest.)

In any case, Nyan loved it. We had serious trouble getting him out of there when it was time to go – just like we had serious trouble getting him out of any particular car or truck. Only thing that worked was to point out another car or truck nearby, at which point he’d climb out of one and head right to the next. But hey, the kid had a blast, so who are we to complain.

Some photos:

And here he is inside the cab of that delivery truck, explaining what he’s delivering.


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