Nyan Thomas in Langkawi

30 Nov

A while back (pushing three months ago, actually, but who’s counting?), Nyan took Mommy and Daddy on a lovely long weekend escape to the Malaysian island of Langkawi. Here, better late than never, are a bunch of photos and videos to commemorate the time.

One of the highlights of the trip was when we bumped into another family, British expatriates living in Singapore and working in finance, and spending a long weekend in Langkawi. Sounds familiar, no? They also had two kids, including Sienna, who is about Nyan’s age. They hit it off great.

One cool thing about the resort was they had these big pools full of fish, and every morning a staff member would come out with big buckets of fish food for guests to toss in. Nyan and Sienna had a blast:

Can’t really see in these pictures or videos but there were two huge (six-feet long) water monitors, big slithery lizards that are native to Malaysia. Very cool. Also a giant catfish.

Here’s Nyan, bouncing and then doing something called the crab dance. Showing off for the ladies, in other words.

There was plenty of time on the beach too, with proper protection against the sun, of course:


And oh what a beach. What a place. We loved it. Just gorgeous.

Just for fun, because it’s not the most illuminating video ever: at night, we had races on the beach. Can’t see much in this one, but you can hear Nyan being Nyan and eventually he shows up… just watch:

Another night, we walked by the resort’s lounge and someone was playing a lovely song on the piano. Nyan and Mommy couldn’t help but dance. (Note how Nyan says incredulously, “He’s making song for us??” and then starts in on his ‘dance’ (but at least it’s not the crab dance this time):

More nighttime fun: Nyan found a flashlight in our room and pretty much wouldn’t put it down. Even interrupted his meals to wander around and shine it on things. The resort was almost empty, and we had the restaurant pretty much to ourselves, so no problem.

The weekend was mainly a late-birthday celebration for Mommy, so one night at dinner, Nyan made sure that the waitstaff and a string quartet gave Mommy a fitting serenade:

Here’s Nyan at lunch (the white noise in the background is a little waterfall at the restaurant), showing off his coloring skills.

And just a random assortment of photos from the weekend:

Nyan was, as always, an excellent flyer on this trip. To pass the time on the 90-minute flight, he took some shots with Daddy’s camera:

Finally, here’s our boy at the airport and on the plane, happy after a fun-filled and relaxing family weekend.

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