Swimming Lessons

05 Nov

A few weeks ago, Nyan joined his school friend Oregon and a few other kids for some rather casual swimming lessons at a nearby condo. We did about four lessons or so, before dropping it (it wasn’t really structured enough to be worth the time or money). But before that, we managed to get in a lot of fun, much of which was captured on video and in photos. They show how far Nyan has come, given that he hardly wanted to dip a toe in the water when we first got here six short months ago.

Look at that brave boy, floating and kicking without a care in the world.

There was plenty of time for fun too. Here’s Nyan with Oregon:

Here’s Nyan, sort of walking/strutting along:

And here is Nyan the dinosaur. Or is it turtle? Sea horse?

Finally, some fun with his classmates.

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