Exercise. It Does a Body Good

09 Aug

Mommy and Daddy try their best to be good examples to their boy — we eat lots of vegetables, we don’t watch TV around him, we don’t yell in front of him, etc. And we also make sure he understands the importance of exercise. We talk about it in front of him, we do it in front of him, and we encourage him to be active. Seems to be working, at least based on his love of doing yoga.

It helps that his new school has a playroom full of toy exercise equipment – so Nyan gets to exercise while he’s having fun! Here’s a sneak peek at some of what he gets up to. Starting with… a trampoline!


There’s also a stair master, and a rowing machine.

And this contraption that you swivel your hips on.


Finally here’s just a bit more from that exercise session – maybe this is the cooling-down period? That’s Nyan’s good friend Oregon playing with the truck. (Yep, Oregon – a half Singaporean, half Dutch boy named Oregon. We’re not yet sure what the back story of the name is, but he’s a fun little kid with a cool name, so it’s all good.)


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