National Museum of Singapore

16 Jul

The National Museum of Singapore is housed in a grand old colonial building not far from downtown and the shopping district of Orchard Road. I can’t tell you what all is in the museum, but they recently opened a new section just for kids, and better yet, it was free – so Nyan and Daddy headed down there.

It was a bit of an odd display, to be honest, but no complaints; it was fun, it was interesting, it kept the boy occupied for a while. One room had a pretend kitchen, which of course our boy took to like a fish to water, or a chef to a kitchen.


There was also a giant TV that was open at the back – intended, I think, for kids to put on puppet shows and pretend they’re on TV. And some sort of faux reel-to-reel tape player. Not sure what the point of that was, to be honest.

The best part – Nyan’s favorite certainly – was this giant fabric thingie with all these holes. You were supposed to roll these plastic balls along the fabric and into the holes – but it was tough because the fabric was uneven, so the balls went every which way. It kept Nyan occupied for quite a while:


And Nyan. Oh Nyan. That friendly and cute little girl is trying to help you out! She’s trying to give you balls to roll down! But you, you little boy you, you don’t care. Ah, Nyan.


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