Nyan Thomas, Paleontologist

12 Jul

Down by the water in downtown Singapore, there’s an odd building called the Art Science Museum. It’s shaped somewhat like a giant metallic lotus flower, I’m told – very striking in any case. Inside is a rotating series of art and other displays (recent exhibits include photographs of Annie Liebovitz, for instance).

Another current exhibit is all about dinosaurs – so in late May, before we moved in to our new apartment, Daddy and Nyan braved the midday heat and spent a couple cool hours in the dark halls of the exhibit. And because it was a weekday, and maybe because it was rather expensive, we had the place pretty much to ourselves!

Walking like a dinosaur:


Checking out a giant dino skull:

(Note: not a real skull – none of the bones you’ll see in these videos are real – but a very realistic looking plaster cast of a real skull).


Seemingly more fascinated by the gravel than by the giant dinosaur (that’s our boy…):


And here he is in the arts and crafts section at the end of the exhibit, showing off his jumping moves in front of a mirror.


And finally, this is the little pool at the bottom of the inside of the lotus flower. A pretty cool structure!



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