Fountains by Night

08 Jul

Nyan used to be a bit skittish around water. Washing his hair – especially the rinsing part – was an exercise in patience and crying. He tolerated going in the pool with Daddy at swim lessons, but just barely. He even went through a phase when he refused to take baths, so we could only sponge him down. (This was only a couple weeks long, thankfully).

I think it’s fair to see he’s over that skittishness. He loves playing in the pool, he doesn’t fuss at all when we’re washing his hair, and he runs through fountains no matter what he’s wearing or what else is going on.

Here he is a couple weeks back, on a Sunday evening in a part of town called Clarke Quay. It’s got lots of bars and restaurants, and also a big fountain with lots of colored lights. Nyan was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Or like a fish to water? He didn’t actually splash around, for which we were thankful, since we were on our way to dinner. But he certainly has come a long way.

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