A Smattering of Not-So-Recent Videos

01 Jul

Some summertime housekeeping here at has led to us unearthing some unpublished videos from the past few months. We present them in no particular order other than roughly chronological. Enjoy!

In this first video, from January, our hero puts on the headset that Mommy uses to do conference calls for work, and attempts to commandeer her work computer as well. (And check out him shushing Mommy at about 40 seconds in. Cheeky!)

Nyan messing around with some old milk bottles, working on his motor skills. From February.


Shortly before we left London in April, Nyan at bedtime, talking in a silly voice about silly things:


Also in April, we went through a phase where every day after school, Nyan would take off running across the village green, and Daddy would dutifully record it on his phone. Here are several examples. It’s mostly just a lot of Nyan running, asking questions, being silly.



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