Hotel Living

25 Jun

From early May through early June, we all lived out of a hotel room in Singapore. It was quite nice – large, great staff, fantastic grounds including playground and a huge swimming pool. We were certainly ready to move into our new place once we found it, but no complaints at all about the place we stayed (it’s called Tree Tops Executive Residences, by the way, and we recommend it highly). Here are a few photos and videos of what Nyan got up to during our time there. Swimming, playing, napping, waiting for a taxi with Mommy, etc.

Plus a couple of videos: one of his favorite games was to run through the hallways, looking for our room. They all tended to look alike, of course, which made it a challenge. And it also burned off some of his voluminous energy! Win-win.

And here he is, just relaxing on the couch, reading the paper. As you do.

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