Nyan’s First Shiner

10 Apr

Well, we knew this day would happen. Ever since Nyan started walking, Daddy has tried to steel himself by saying, ‘There’ll be some day when he just runs into a table or something and hurts himself.’ The kid just has one gear – full steam ahead – and not always the best coordination.

It took longer than we might have thought, but the other day it happened: Nyan hurt himself (only slightly!) by running around. It happened at school, when he and his class were playing outside in the enclosed area behind the nursery on a gorgeous spring day. Nyan was running around, of course, and what happened next was so quick that no adult actually saw it happen – but Nyan went up to one of his carers, holding his head. They asked what happened. “I fell into a tree!”

Seems the young man was running and either tripped and fell into a tree, or just, um, ran into a tree. Either way, he ended up with a little abrasion above his right eye, which later swelled up a bit. They treated him with cold compresses and lots of cuddles, and that was that.

As it happened, we had a scheduled check-up with our neighborhood doctor that evening. Just to be sure, Daddy had the doc check out Nyan’s forehead: nope, no serious damage, no damage to the eye socket, no nothing. Just a scrape and a black eye. His first mobility injury, but probably not the last. Let’s just hope it’s the worst one he suffers.


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