Nyan Thomas Drives a Bus

07 Mar

And a boat. And other things. This is from the London Transport Museum, which we visited a few weeks back. Pretty cool place, with lots of old trains, trams, and buses that kids can climb aboard. Not to mention several simulators where kids can pretend to drive. If you know our boy, you’ve already guessed that he absolutely loved it.

Family portraits (check out his sweater; he was dressed for the part that day!):

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Here he is, overlooking the old rail cars, and also checking out a model train that was on display:

This is our hero driving the bus down the road – and forgetting to keep his eye on the road.

And here he is driving the same bus before getting bored and switching to a ferry which he then piloted down the River Thames:

He also got to steer an actual bus:

And a couple still photos of Nyan behind the wheel:

Of course we took the tube (aka subway) to get there. Here’s Nyan on the ride home – complete with his own big yellow bus that he bought at the gift shop. (Bought it himself, in fact – handed the money to the cashier, a fact that he still proudly talks about today, several weeks later.)

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