Nyan Thomas at the Science Museum

26 Feb

On a rainy Sunday a few weeks back, we took Nyan to London’s Science Museum. It is, like most museums in this city, free and sprawling and pretty great. It’s all about – you guessed it – science, in a variety of formats. Here’s the lad checking out the view from the balcony above the main hall:

That main hall, right when you walk in, has huge old Victorian-era steam engines. There are whole wings devoted to mathematics, and to space rockets, and to the Large Hadron Collider and the research that goes on there. (That last one is probably a bit too advanced for our boy (not to mention his Daddy)). So lots of stuff to see and do. He loved it.

He embraced his agrarian roots in the section on farming:


And there were plenty of open spaces for Nyan to run around, plus random displays of fascinating things to look at:

The highlight, though, without a doubt, was the top floor, devoted to aircraft. They had entire airplanes, and models of airplanes, and jet engines, and sections of jetliners and bigger helicopters, some of them cut open so you can see their innards.

Here’s Nyan Thomas in the lee of a wing:


And here he is checking out all the displays.

(Notice him saying ‘bye bye engine!’ at about the 1:40 mark…adorable!)

The Science Museum is definitely one of the best in the city. Highly recommended.

Finally, here’s Nyan and Mommy on the train ride home after a great morning at the museum.

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